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Product Committee Meetings Just Got Easier

Here's How.......

Here's what our clients tell us. 

  • Product Committees run on time,

  • Gain increased attendance,

  • Make decisions,

  • and DDW helps committees make decisions to add, remove or keep products on their shelf and provide the required documentation to support scrutiny.

They gain recognition for the hours spend preparing and running these meetings. 

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We attend Product Committees for our clients on a regular basis.  We attend over 100 in any given year. 

We make sure the committee is run well, efficiently, and is structured in the right way.  These are the table stakes, but where we really provide support you just can't do internally, is when we talk about products (we cover all categories).



A common fear from product committee members is making a bad decision, so members ask for additional information or defer decisions.  This creates additional work for the committee and delays a product rollout.

DDW's independent voice and complete product knowledge provides real time independent answers to these questions.  Putting committee members fears in check, and facilitates the best answers for your firm; either a vote to approve or reject.  Votes can be taken with full knowledge and risks understood.


DDW Sample VA 4 Box Report - 12-28-18

What else would you get - Home Office and Advisor Portal

  • All your products in one place
  • Connected to research
  • Compare tool - products are compared within each category and and across product types
  • Document, Document, Document, Repeat
We know you are busy, so pick the right next step for you.


What We Believe Is Important

To research a product shelf, you have to compare it to the industry product universe. If you don’t know what else is out there, it is impossible to know your product shelf is best in class, yet alone document as such. We review the entire product universe on a continuous basis, and this enables us to provide advice on your product shelf.

Due diligence is not just for the back office. Organizing research and tailoring the information to the correct audience is a key reason our content is used up and down the organization from the front office to the back.

It is amazing when Supervision and Financial Professionals use the same tools and information. NIGOs are reduced and the culture is improved. Same is true for your product organization, helping them see things from an FP perspective and FPs from a Product Management perspective.

Financial Services can be a complicated business, especially when reading a prospectus or sifting through product data. We turn data into actionable information and speak in plain English.